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Forex - The Basics (English)
This is a beginners course on the Forex Market.

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What You Will Learn

This is THE beginners course for anyone interested in learning how to trade on the Forex Market. Throughout this course you will learn the key concepts, terminology, processes, skills and techniques to help you trade actively. This courses teaches you how to interpret and understand charts, how to interpret and use the indicators available to you to help with your trading plan. You will learn how to use the popular Metatrader 4 app and how to copy and post trade alerts iX Global shares. Through your iX Global membership you will have access to this course and return to these videos at anytime to help your revise and refine your trading activities.

Course Content

1 Modules | 1 Hours 15 Minutes 0 Seconds

What is Forex?

Buy & Sell

Gains & Losses

Charts & Candles

Currency Pairs


Order Types

Types of Trades

Money (Profit) Management

Risk Management

Twin Trading

Stop Gain & Stop Loss

Trailing Stop

Brokers & Spreads

Account Types

Creating a Broker Account

Market Structure

Support & Resistance

Trend Lines

Impulse & Retracement

Entry Confirmation

Moving Averages

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Stochastic Oscillator

Bollinger Bands

MetaTrader 4 Overview (MT4)

Opening & Closing Orders

Modifying and Closing Orders

Reporting Tab

Order Execution

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Skills You Will Gain


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